A Cloud Based Business Management Service for Part Distributors & Repair Agents.

Appeze optimises workflow between business operators, parts distributors and repair agents in the field.
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Easily schedule and invoice repair jobs

Appeze will be by your side throughout the entire repair process. It’s been designed to be easy to use and learn, so it compliments your existing service straight away.

Save time with accounting software integration

You can easily train new staff members, reconcile daily spending, view job breakdowns and process warranties all at the touch of a button.

Pulls all your company’s processes together

Whether you're tracking parts, scheduling jobs or invoicing clients, Appeze is an easy to use program ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Access to Appeze is all that is necessary to operate, manage and grow your business. Whether you’re a field agent, small-to-medium repair company or distribution warehouse.

Reduce legwork across your organisation

You can easily trace jobs from fault til’ finished with Appeze’s remote job tracking.

The comprehensive job scheduling system and customer diary ensures you’ll never lose track of a job again, and always live up to your customers expectations.

Save time, and go home early.

To ensure Appeze meets your needs, we developed it in close collaboration with distributions staff, repair agents and their business managers.

Appeze makes daily accounting easy, as each order is tracked, from start to finish. Best of all, it’s integrated with accounting software Xerotm. We’ve eliminated double data entry and made it simple to train new staff members.

We’ve built Appeze so you can spend less time at work and more time with your family

Plans available to suit your business size

Appeze’s pricing is based on the number of employees logging into the service per month.

Do you need additional pricing info? Get in touch for custom and high-volume pricing.

Business management at your fingertips

Keeping track of stock is easy when your staff can shift stock at a button press and maintain full accountability. Receiving large shipments is made as simple as possible and our order confirmation process ensures that every part ordered will be accounted for.

One touch ordering and client purchase history
Automated notifications to customers via SMS/email when orders arrive
Each part order links to the sales invoice and relevant job

All you need for an added franchise is a logon

Whether you’re a franchisee or small repairs company, keep all your employees up to date and on to the same page.

Say goodbye to paper copies and long phone calls. Field agents can be scheduled remotely, and notified of new upcoming jobs and parts received.

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